Rhymes with Turkey

Wine Pairing Suggestions

for Turkey Dinner

Time to have some fun with wine!
Your friendly neighbourhood wine lady has gone through our little cellar and picked out a few fun ones to liven up your weekend! 

First up - something elegant and approachable. 

Finally meeting the in-laws for Thanksgiving?
Well do not fear, we have the perfect wine to charm them...

Get it? Charmes ... charm?! Let's push past the pun.

The Averill Creek winery located on Vancouver Island in the Cowichan Valley is making a delightful sparkling wine produced from Pinot Gris & Pinot Noir.
This sparkling has creamy mousse, notes of citrus, apple, and salinity.
What a great way to get the celebrations started!



Up next is a really fun one! 

Pictured on the label you'll find Lucette - full of life, wearing a red polka dot dress, and a smile that would turn a frown upside down.
Rarely does it happen that a wine is as good and as vibrant as it's label!

Lucette is a white wine flirting with a little bit of skin contact.
This wine is textured, with aromas of ripe citrus, salinity and tropical fruit.
She would pair exquisitely with a thanksgiving feast! 

Last up - let's go Classic!

When there are a million grapes in the world,
which one would you choose for a Turkey dinner?

Sangiovese! The supreme ruler of Tuscany is the way to go for this feast.

This Rosso di Montalcino is a fresh style of Sangiovese. Expect red cherry, cranberry, spices and a bit of a floral note from this medium bodied wine.

If you really wanted to get excited
I'd recommend a little chill on this gem!


 Whatever your plans are
I hope you have a fantastic long weekend
and we'll see you in the grocer soon!

xoxo shiva